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2013 New Employee Orientation for January and February

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The new year has began, we welcome the year 2013 with our newest team members during the New Employee Orientation seminar for January and February.

NEO-JAN 2013


NEO FEB 2013NEO-FEB 2013



See you in your future trainings! 🙂


Early Bird Awardees

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“Punctuality is the soul of business”

-Thomas Chandler Haliburton

The habit of being on time once formed covers everything, it shows respect for others, people will think of you as dependable, it builds your self-confidence,reveals your discipline, and shows your humility those above mentioned are needed in business if you have all of these then you are the soul of business.

Congratulations to All Early Bird Winners!

Ms. Hedy A. VillanuevaGroup Head for Human Resource
Ms. Hedy A. Villanueva
Group Head for Human Resource

Ms. Hedy A. Villanueva picked the lucky winners for Early Bird Award and they are Mr. Francis Nicko Mercado, Account Officer of  Forbes Financial Consultancy Corporation for October’s Customer Service Seminar, Ms. Maricar O. Facunia, Accounting Assistant of Asialink Finance Corporation for November’s New Employee Orientation Seminar and lasty, Mr. Nikkie B. De Juan, Marketing Assistant of Asialink Finance Corporation for December’s New Employee Orientation.

November WInner
October  Winner
November Winner
November Winner
December Winner
December Winner

They received a Gift Certificate from Krispy Kreme, Happy Lemon and Dairy Queen.


It is just one way of appreciating those participants who value time during training. Human Resource Department appreciates the efforts of those people who really came in before the said time of each seminar. We hope for this new year, there will be more participants for the Early Bird Award.

Keep it up and continue to be a role model to your colleagues. Congratulations!

Personality Development- November 17, 2011

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The Personality Development Training’s session for November was held last November 17, 2011. One of the goals of this training is to improve the participant’s self-confidence and how they carry themselves. This seminar does not only provide benefit to the company but most especially the employees as they get to know their strengths and abilities.

At the end of the session, they were asked to rate themselves and to write the good things about them. Not only did they  realize the positive things about them, they were also given the opportunity to tell their colleagues the positive things they see.

PD’s November batch 🙂

Customer Service Seminar- November 15, 2011

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Last November 15, 2011, employees from GDFI, AFC, ELM, GMC, OITI, FFCC and RX Global gathered as they gain knowledge on how to handle their internal and external customers better to achieve Excellent Customer Service. They did not only learn the theoretical part of Customer Service but also the hands-on approach in handling customers most especially complaints as they practice the spiel during an actual scenario towards the end of the training.

The session was capped off by a jeopardy game to recall what we have talked about throughout the day.

Here are some snapshots 🙂

November Batch of Customer Service 🙂 ©

Business Grammar Training

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The auditors of GDFI, SACC and Affiliates of Asialink Group of Companies raced their way to the part 1 of the Grand Prix of Business Grammar Training.

The half day seminar was filled with lots of new learning and discussions. It began with the review of old rules of grammar towards to teaching new ones to update their knowledge.

iGive! Asialink Group of Companies’ 2nd Blood Drive

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As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, Asialink Group held its 2nd Blood Drive last October 7, 2011. The successful activity was made possible with the help of the Philippine National Red Cross- Caloocan Chapter volunteers.

We have gathered a total of 56 donors giving approximately 25,200 cc of blood to help those people in need.

Employees who participated are from Asialink-18 donors, FMCMI 1- 7 donors, ACMSI 1- 4 donors, GDFI-4 donors, FFCC- 4 donors, SCMSI 1- 3 donors, SACC- 3 donors, FMCMI 2- 1 donor, CABSA- 2 donors, WCBSI- 2 donors, ALFC- 2 donors, SCMSI 2- 1 donor, FMCMI 2-1 donor, Mr. Rolly Poco and 2 donors from employees’ relatives.

Here are the scenes from the fruitful event:

We donated blood and saved lives! 🙂

Asialink Group Blood Drive on October 7

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Give Blood. Give Life.

The need for blood is great. On any given day, more than two thousand of blood units are transfused to patients in our country. Some may need blood during surgery; while others depend on it after an accident or because they have a disease that requires blood components. The Philippine Red Cross approximately supplies one-fourth of the country’s national blood requirements.

Asialink Group Blood Donation is on October 7 from 9 am-4pm at HR Training Room 13F Strata 100 Emerald Ave. Pasig City. This is in partnership with the Philippine National Red Cross.

Please ym / call 6389627 / 6384721.

For more info on donating blood, please click on the this page:

Thank you for saving lives!