Month: February 2010

Smile-a-palooza: Spread the SMILE Campaign!

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February is love month. Here in Asialink Group, it is also Customer Service month as we launch our campaign for service trainings at the same time focus on 12 Little Thing’s “I will flash that winning smile to internal and external clients and go the extra mile in serving them.”

Like the popularized Love-a-palooza, we launched our own version : Smile-a-palooza campaign. In the Smile-a-palooza campaign, we secretly “recruited” lovebugs who bug us and tell us who deserves to be awarded as the “KING AND QUEEN OF SMILES”. The awardees are employees who have been caught in the act of providing great service to co-employees as well as external clients.

The first batch of winners was awarded on February 12, 2010 while the last batch of winners was awarded on the 24th of February 2010. Here are the King and Queen of Smiles:


  1. Gearwin Gonzales
  2. Bong Montallano
  3. Jonalyn San Nicolas


  1. Ruciel Olayres
  2. Mary Rose De Omampo
  3. Karen Sandoval
  4. Sheng Olayres
  5. Marilyn Naynos
  6. Jesus Taguinod


  1. Rowena Aguinas
  2. Christy Zulueta
  3. Jackilou Trinidad
  4. Zenaida Soriano
  5. Alfred Ocampo
  6. Michelle Larcia


  1. Eric Canaria
  2. Mobilou Nanol
  3. Margarita Alzona
  4. Nestor Tapel
  5. Royel Marfega
  6. Rhea Montes
  7. Mark Ocampo
  8. shaira Castillo
  9. carmela garcia


  1. Aris Christian
  2. Ferdinand Piñero
  3. Alvin Aguado


  1. Edward John Singh – BestBuy Taytay
  2. Edwin Pinon – BestBuy Antipolo


  1. Nelson Basilio
  2. Apple Molina
  3. Taming Carandang
  4. Michael Pacres
  5. North Alma Bermas
  6. Celena Crijas
  7. Sharon Austria
  8. Philip Basal
  9. Zell Ortis
  10. Aleli Martinez


  1. Erik Prudente


  1. Vebicca Razon


  1. Marvin Marmol


  1. Camille Leonne Saycon
  2. April Brian


  1. Lea Mempin

Smiling is contagious,
you catch it like the flu,
When someone smiled at
me today, I started smiling too.

So, if you feel a smile begins,
don’t leave it undetected –
Let’s start an epidemic quick

and get the Asialink Group infected ! !

Though the launch has ended, we are hoping that the smile epidemic will continue to spread. Keep smiling! 🙂



SSSSS : 5S News Ngayon

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“Dumadagundong na mga balita. Signal no. 5 na. Abangan!”  

This was our teaser to get employees’ attention and create excitement in preparation for the 5S Campaign. The objectives of the campaign are to increase employees’ awareness and promote the training  of  “5S IN THE WORKPLACE.”  


The said 5S Campaign happened last January 29, 2010. Showbiz world was once a world for the Asialink Group of Companies. Talents were discovered. SNN (Showbiz News Ngayon) or NNNN (Ntertainment News Na Naman), a primetime bida show, was chosen as the main theme of our 5S Campaign. Bhoy and Crissy of the event were delightfully characterized by Ms. Rache Geslani (Training Officer) and Mr. Nelson Basilio (Treasury Supervisor) for Team 1 while for Team 2 it was smartly performed by Mr. Vic Ramos (HR Supervisor) and of course Ma’am Apples Mangubat (General Manager, Asialink Finance Corporation).  


The teams were composed of some HR (Melody Cabrera, Bonifacio Villaflores, Clariza Acido and Christine Fernandez) which was joined by a number of Messengers (Eugene Moncada, Duane Olango, Jennefer Cariño, Brayan Salazar, Rhoda Bulano, Enrique Octera and Christina Bryan Galicia) to build a dynamic cast.  Ma’am Neng Lugtu and Ma’am Lolit Torres were also there to support the campaign. 

The campaign started at around 2:00 pm as we wore our unique 5S designed green shirts and visited all offices of the Asialink Group along Emerald Avenue.  Employees’ were informed that 5S Training will definitely be in full blast for the coming months and their attendance as well as their full support is expected. 5s Flyers were given after each fun performance. One exciting portion of the said event was awarding employees’ whose workplaces  practice the 5S method. We would like to thank everyone for giving us their time and cheering us during the campaign. We’ll see you in the 5s Trainings! 

And don’t forget : CLEAN UP DAY is on March 13. Together, let us improve our work areas. This is our shared responsibility. And our Shared Success. 

(for other pictures reach us at 638-9627 or simply comment) 




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It was a morning of giving and sharing.

Asialink Group of Companies began the month of February with its first project on Corporate Social Responsibility. Company representatives went to H. Bautista Elementary School last February 5, 2010 for the Feed and Treat program.

The grade 2 students were given arrozcaldo, boiled egg, kikiam, fishball, gulaman, and Alaska milk to bring home. The fund came from proceeds from the Christmas Party raffle tickets and Halloween trick or treat donations. We would like to thank everyone for giving their share during those events which made this project  possible.  

The Feed and Treat project was an event filled with endless smiles that went around the faces of each other. These are moments when truly giving is better than receving.


(for other pictures reach us at 638-9627 or simply comment)

2010′s first batch of new employee orientation participants..

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The year starts well for the new employees of Asialink Group of Companies. Those who were present that day were: Aiza, Jen, Jhon, Tin, Jhing, Mar, Jhun, Jay, Eds, Keith, Jhay-Z, Abie, Rhollie, Vj, Mavic, Verd, Mark, Ynah, Onats, Cris, Eyan, Nelj, Mary, Raf, Ramil, John, Joy, Airah, Marrick, Vhor, Axe, Jun, Rene, Vic, Undei, and Mor.

Ma’am Apples, Ma’am Rache and Sir Vic were also present but were not able to join the picture taking.

Customer Service Seminar kicks off with its 1st batch of trainees from GDFI!

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“SERVICE IS THE DIFFERENCE!”, says Global Dominion in its tagline for customer service.  GD’s Marketing team were the first batch of participants for the Customer Service Training last February 13, 2010. Their marketing assembly started with an exam from Sir Sam and Ma’am Carla followed by the customer service seminar facilitated by Ms. Rachelle Anne Geslani. It was a fun-filled seminar at the same time full of learning  on handling customers.

Here are some snapshots of the said training: