GDFI’s 2014 Loan Processor’s General Assembly and Time Management Seminar

A moment of learning and a time spent wisely.

It is a great day for the Global Dominion Financing, Inc.-Loan Processors as they had their 2014 General Assembly and Time Management Seminar at Jinlu Training Room.

  IMGP6931 IMGP6933 IMGP6934 IMGP6935 IMGP6937 IMGP6939 IMGP6941 IMGP6946 IMGP6950 IMGP6952 IMGP6953  IMGP6956 IMGP6959 IMGP6960 IMGP6961 IMGP6962 IMGP6963

We hope you have been refreshed with the knowledge imparted to you and ready to use your time wisely :)

September 6, 2014: FMCMI 2’s General Assembly

On September 6, 2014 the First Maharlika Collection Management, Inc. 2 held their 2014 General Assembly at Jinlu Training Room. It was a day filled with learning as they review their working standards and gain new ideas.

IMGP6895 IMGP6896 IMGP6897 IMGP6898

They have also awarded their most promising teams and personnel :)

IMGP6899 IMGP6900 IMGP6902 IMGP6903

We hope you have learned a lot and we’ll see you again in next the Assembly!

September 1, 2014:Telemarketing Seminar

It is a day of learning and fun for the South Asialink Credit Corporation’s Telemarketers, as they have their Mastering Telemarketing last September 1, 2014.





 We hope that you have been equipped with new ideas and now ready to face the clients with great  service :)

September 17, 2014: 7S and Telephone Etiquette Seminar

Once again the Asialink Group held their 7S in the Workplace and Telephone Etiquette Seminar at Jinlu Training Room.

It is a day filled with learning and joy for everyone who everyone who attended the event.

IMGP6908 IMGP6909 IMGP6920 IMGP6921 IMGP6922 IMGP6923 IMGP6925

Let us all improve ourselves and face our tomorrow with great success, so that together…we can build a stronger Asialink Group brand :)

Capacity Development Seminar for the Internal Audit Group

It has  been 5 days of learning and improvement for Asialink Finance Corporation and the Global Dominion Financing, Inc. Audit Group as they attend the Capacity Development Seminar facilitated by Ms. Mary Jane O. Rosales, CPA, CIA, CCSA, CRMA and Capacity Development Consultant.

Day 1: July 18, 2014

IMGP6605 IMGP6607         IMGP6619


Day 2: August 7, 2014

IMGP6650  IMGP6657


Day 3: August 8, 2014

IMGP6669 IMGP6670


Day 4: August 13, 2014



Day 5: August 20, 2014



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We hope you have been equipped with new knowledge that will help you in improving our systems and processes.


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